Welcome to the Contemplation of Death

Hello and welcome to the Stoic Contemplation of Death!

This is a free mini-course. It's mainly based on a chapter written for the Teach Yourself book Stoicism and the Art of Happiness (2013), which had to be omitted due to space limitations. I thought it would be useful to put it online and divide it up into smaller chunks, which people can comment upon. So hopefully as I get more feedback, I'll be able to improve the content further.

Over time, I'll try to add some other resources such as more graphics and videos, and perhaps a quiz.

Please bear in mind that the format is determined by the Teach Yourself series. There's deliberate repetition of key ideas and content is divided into prescribed sections, such as key ideas, reminders, case studies, and self-assessment questions.

This material is provided completely free of charge. However, if you actually enjoyed it so much that you want voluntarily to pay something in return then you might want to consider becoming a patron of my work.

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