The Meditations Email Course

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius with Commentary by cognitive therapist and author Donald Robertson

Are you interested in learning more about the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius? This open-ended email course begins with book two of The Meditations. (We'll cover book one last, after reaching the end.) Each week you'll receive an email containing a passage from the classic George Long translation with additional commentary underneath to help you obtain greater enjoyment and understanding from the text.

This is the ideal way to learn about the Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius if you're new to the subject or to deepen your existing knowledge if you're already familiar with The Meditations.

Bonus. Enroll now to gain free access to the following bundle of additional materials:

  • The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (George Long trans.) eBook
  • The Eulogium on Marcus Aurelius eBook
  • Marcus Aurelius in the Roman Histories eBook
  • Marcus Aurelius HD Wallpapers

Donald Robertson is the author of six books on philosophy and psychotherapy, including the forthcoming How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. You'll be learning about Stoicism from someone who's spent nearly twenty years studying the subject.

Your Instructor

Donald Robertson
Donald Robertson

Donald is a trainer and writer, with decades of experience. He’s a specialist in teaching evidence-based psychological skills, and known as an expert on the relationship between modern cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and classical Greek and Roman philosophy. He was born in Scotland but worked as a psychotherapist for many years in London, England, where he ran a training school for therapists, before emigrating to Canada to focus on his writing and developing eLearning courses. He now lives part-time in Athens, Greece.

Donald is the author of several books on philosophy and psychotherapy, as well as having contributed chapters to four other books and published many articles in journals and magazines. How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius was #1 best seller in philosophy. He's also the author of Verissimus, a graphic novel about Marcus Aurelius, as well as a forthcoming prose biography of him from Yale University Press. He's edited and written the introduction to Capstone Classics' new edition of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. You can contact him via his website.


Courses Included with Purchase

Marcus Aurelius in the Roman Histories
Download my free E-book containing key excerpts from Roman histories about the life of Marcus Aurelius
Donald Robertson
The Eulogium on Marcus Aurelius
Audiobook and ebook of a classic 18th Century biography of Marcus Aurelius
Donald Robertson
Marcus Aurelius HD Wallpapers
Designed by Rocio de Torres
Donald Robertson
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
E-book of the classic George Long translation.
Donald Robertson

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you enroll and continues until we finish going through The Meditations.
How do I access the course?
You'll receive weekly emails in your mailbox. (Remember to add the email [email protected] to your safe-sender list and/or contacts to ensure they don't go in your spam filter.)
What if I want to leave the course?
That's very easy. You can just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email. However, I'd advise you to read at least 2-3 of the emails first as I'm sure you'll find them worthwhile.
Who is this course suitable for?
Everyone. As long as you're interested in Marcus Aurelius or Stoicism you'll find this course valuable and interesting. It's suitable for complete beginners but more advanced students will also gain deeper insight into the text. That's one of the benefits of this approach.
What translation are you using?
We're going to be using the George Long translation, which is now in the public domain, and although an older translation is one of the most loved and widely-quoted editions of The Meditations.

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